“Turn On The Spotlight & Let There Be Light”

 An exquisite, mesmerizing, dream-like skin brightening LUXURY BODY POLISH: A signature product of our WHITESE Collection.

The exhilarating infusion of lychee and cymbidium extract combined with Manuka honey—Mandili phyto infused LUXURY WHITESE BODY POLISH is bursting with the potent active ingredients to revive your skin.

LUXURY WHITESE BODY POLISH is your ideal super-nutritious skin scrub that helps to exfoliate, tone, brighten, lighten, regenerate and revive dull glow-lacking skin back to life. Nourishing to all skin types including sensitive, dehydrated & sun-damaged.

Our lotions and creams keep the skin nutritionally satiated and energized, assisting in skins own ability to naturally glow from within.

net wt: 8oz/240ml

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